Point Dread and the Talon Fighter is an outpost / aircraft combination set which was part of the original MOTU range from the 1980s, appearing almost at the commencement of the line. The second series of minicomics featured the Talon Fighter on every cover, and the Point Dread outpost was the key part of two stories, The Tale of Teela! and The Power of... Point Dread! On this page I review the MOTUC Point Dread and the accompanying Teela figure. The Talon Fighter has its own page.

Point Dread on its own looks very good. It has two stone effect parts which separate, thereby enabling the top section to be placed on one of Castle Grayskull's turrets, as shown in the minicomics. It doesn't just sit there; the castle and the outpost interlock neatly. In keeping with the castle, Point Dread is essentially a half-tower with an open back to allow access.

The platform for the Talon Fighter can be twisted to a different orientation, which is good if you want to replicate some of the minicomic artwork, but otherwise not very useful. The feet of the aircraft lock in rather cleverly, and the lever on the underside of the platform has to be pushed to release the Talon Fighter. This arrangement means the craft can sit snugly without much risk of falling over. I like the corroded metal paint effect used on this part.

The base part of Point Dread includes a wood effect floor that has been nicely done. There is a small door shaped into the outside that is probably meant to be some sort of hatch. It's the sort of necessary aesthetic detail that adds a nice touch, even though it's out of scale and purposeless. The steps up the side of the lower section are about the right size on which to balance an ascending figure.

The computer unit is my least favourite part of Point Dread, but it's in keeping with the original set and stories. The sticker for the screen doesn't fit very well because the computer monitor is slightly curved. Apparently on Eternia they're still using cathode ray tube televisions. The accessory isn't fixed but it does tuck quite nicely under the dividing section.

Point Dread is a lovely playset and I'm really impressed with how the designers updated this iconic Eternian outpost for the MOTUC line. But there is a problem, and you can see what it is from the photograph of the Talon Fighter sitting on its perch. Yes, the aircraft is too big and makes the base beneath it look sadly comical. On top of Castle Grayskull it looks even worse. Read more about the Talon Fighter here. Stay here and scroll down to see photographs of the Point Dread Teela figure and my thoughts about her.


Yes, I know. Awful. I'm tempted to leave it at that, but as you've taken the trouble to come this far, I suppose I should attempt to say something because I appreciate your time. This disgraceful blob of half-melted candle wax was meant to be a Filmation cartoon-inspired version of our favourite heroine. An incentive to buy Point Dread and the Talon Fighter. A triumph for the Filmation fans who've waited so long for a cartoon Teela. Well, she's none of those. More fitting words would be ugly, lazy, boring and pointless.

When you think of how beautiful the original Teela is, this unfortunate creature looks like she's suffering a stroke. I have a theory that's she's been made from sludge from the factory's moulds. Mattel missed a trick with this figure too. The best way to have encouraged sales of Point Dread and the Talon Fighter would have been to include not a Filmation Teela but a reissue of the much desired original MOTUC Teela. She's still sought after and is difficult to find by fans who didn't buy her when she was released.

Mattel has kind of conceded that Point Dread Teela didn't live up to expectations and has promised a Filmation accurate Teela later on. Good for cartoon fans, I'm sure, but it just emphasises the waste of space that this one is. What else? Oh yeah, she has two heads. I'm surprised they didn't come stuck together.