This is a scan of a Masters jigsaw puzzle produced in England in 1983 by Waddingtons Games Ltd. This is therefore a fairly early example of MOTU artwork. There is no artist credit on the box or puzzle.

The copyright notice on the box states: © Mattel Inc. 1983 All rights reserved. Masters of the Universe, He Man, Skeletor, Tri Klops, Battle Cat, Panthor, Ram Man, the Talon Fighter are Trade Marks owned by and used under licence from Mattel Inc. The Talon Fighter is not featured in the image, but Zoar, Screeech and Castle Grayskull are.

I really like the picture, but I am intrigued by its content. Tri-Klops has managed to get into Castle Grayskull and accessed the laser cannon in the turret. Ram-Man has not been so successful and is busy head-butting the castle's jawbridge.