It's quite common for Masters of the Universe fans to list the characters they want made into Classics figures, so I thought I'd do something similar. On the forums you will often see lists which reflect fans' preferred MOTU eras. With the characters from the original toyline now done in Classics, you could be forgiven for thinking that the only figures left to do are from the Filmation, 2002, and New Adventures rosters.

What I want to do here is show that there are, in fact, numerous characters to be made which have a different pedigree. I've always promoted the minicomic origins of the Masters of the Universe on this site because I consider the early stories to be the most authentic canon of the property. But the minicomics weren't the only source material, and there are various other places in which great characters are lurking.

It's my hope that Super7 will turn a lot of these characters – whom I refer to collectively as the Literature Faction – into toys for the Classics line. Here you'll find forty individual characters, ten beasts and demons, and ten army builder races, plus a special mention at the end. There are many more to be found, of course, but these are the ones I consider to be the most meritorious for inclusion in the Classics.

I've taken the liberty of giving names to the hitherto unnamed characters, and I've added a title for everyone as well. There are biographical and source notes. Where possible I've included links to relevant pages on this site or elsewhere on the Internet. Every character has a picture. It's my hope to encourage support for these characters, and to remind MOTU fans that there is an intriguing body of non-Filmation work to draw upon.



Mercenary Who Sees Everything

The early minicomics were sometimes drawn and coloured before the toy design was finalised. The illustrated versions of these characters are now considered to be variants, and we've had a small number turned into plastic. One obvious exception is Tri‑Klops. He first appeared in The Terror of Tri‑Klops! This tale is particularly interesting because the protagonist has no allegiance to Skeletor and follows a self-imposed code of conduct. His principles are questionable but there is a peculiar nobility in his actions.


Evil Tail-Thrashing Gladiator

In The Clash of Arms Whiplash proves himself to be a devastating opponent in the arena known as the Circle of Doom. The character's colour scheme is quite different from the regular figure, making this an obvious choice for a variant. Although he wasn't illustrated with any weapons, something gladiatorial would be a fitting accessory.


Gladiator with the Grip of Evil

Also seen in The Clash of Arms, this version of Clawful was outwitted by a weary Fisto who jammed a broken log into Clawful's crushing claw. (The piece of wood deserves inclusion with an arena-fighting incarnation of this evil crustacean.) The illustration is not much different from the toy version, with the notable exception of the armour, but I think this Clawful still deserves an action figure.


Heroic Jungle Tribe Leader

Ceril is a battle-hardened warrior from a jungle tribe whom we meet in The Key to Castle Grayskull! He's an old ally of He‑Man, which gives us a neat opportunity to retrofit the canon to the very first minicomic, He‑Man and the Power Sword. We're talking about one of the most important characters created in a Masters of the Universe story, and he looks like Waylon Jennings.


Heroic Court Wizard

Tarrak is an elderly but spritely wizard who resides in the royal palace. He's particularly adept at vanquishing demons who have the nerve to interrupt the tranquillity. We first encounter Tarrak in To Tempt The Gods! He's also a character we can retrofit to the minicomic The Magic Stealer! When Skeletor activates the magic-draining machine, a court wizard weakens during a performance.


Evil Shape-Shifting Warlock

Damon appeared in human and demon form in Within These Walls... Armageddon! He's a powerful sorcerer who is particularly insulted by the usurper Skeletor. In this illustration we see Damon wields a mace-wand and has a blue bird of prey as a familiar. It wouldn't be right to have one version of Damon without the other.


Eternian Tavern Brawler

Crusher is a memorable character in From Eternia With Death! His backstory isn't told, but I like to think that Crusher desires nothing more strongly than to join the Heroic Warriors. Unfortunately he chooses to display his strength in tussles with the customers of the Dragon's Breath Inn rather than on the battlefield. Perhaps one day, when he's made into a Classics figure, he'll join He‑Man and his comrades.


Heroic Consort of Avion

Delora's first appearance was in To Tempt The Gods! She also appeared later in Siege of Avion. In both stories she was the human wife of Stratos. She's one of those background characters who has a very important role to play. For this reason I think she deserves to have a Classics figure designed for her.


Heroic Ruler of Targa

One of the interesting concepts of the Masters of the Universe stories is the idea of kingdoms neighbouring Eternia. Once such place is Targa, ruled by the beautiful Princess Rana, except when Lodar imposed his rule during the time of Slave City! Lodar has already been made into a Classics figure, so I hope it won't be long before Rana gets her own figure.

11. GARN

Heroic Defender of Targa

Garn is the character from Slave City! who fought He‑Man for Lodar's amusement in the arena. Freed from the impostor's dungeon, Garn's role is now to protect Princess Rana and the Kingdom of Targa. He's one of those characters who contributes much to the Masters of the Universe canon.


Heroic Ruler of Tarn

The next character comes from the first MOTU Annual. Queen Amaxa is a cousin to Eternia's Royal Family and the ruler of Tarn. Her castle is located at the centre of a mysterious lake. He‑Man, Battle Cat and Man-at-Arms protected Amaxa when Skeletor and Mer‑Man conspired to steal the queen's enchanted crown.


Heroic Prime Minister of Tarn

The Prime Minister of Tarn wasn't named in the MOTU Annual, but I thought Nimuë was a suitable choice. It's one of the names attributed to the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend, so it fits the location and the magic. This is the only illustration in the book of this character. She's young but clearly a talented diplomat to have earned the position of Amaxa's trusted adviser.


Heroic Sovereign of Eternia

An ancestor of He‑Man, Queen Xerxa appeared before him to seek his help to free her when she was trapped in time. She told him that in her day "There was a villain who strode across Eternia swearing that one day he would discover the secrets of Grayskull and rule the universe." This was a character before Skeletor's time – unnamed in the book, but a really good choice for the role would be Dyr (see 17 below).


Heroic Ambassador of Auriconia

Before Prince Amberis ventured across the Ice Mountains and encountered Prince Adam, the peoples of Auriconia and Eternia believed the other to be a myth. Amberis was captured by Skeletor and sold to a dealer of curious animals before his timely rescue. We've had a number of diminuitive races represented already in the Classics, and Amberis would make a welcome addition.


Heroic Court Jester

Also from the MOTU Annual, Gorpo is the character who became finalised as Orko. But the Classics line has often made two characters from different representations of one (e.g. He‑Man and Oo‑Larr), so it's perfectly fitting to expect the blue-robed Gorpo to have his own place in the line. Gorpo could also be considered to be a concept character, and we've seen them appear as new figures too (e.g. Vikor and Demo-Man).

17. DYR

Evil Undead Warlord

For the next character I've picked from the most celebrated Golden Book, The Sunbird Legacy. Dyr was resurrected by Skeletor to fight He‑Man, but was also acknowledged as the creator of the Sunbird weapon. I love the concept of a skull-faced demon pre-dating Skeletor. As mentioned above, I think Dyr is the obvious choice as Queen Xerxa's foe from her time in Eternian history.


Heroic Ambassador of Rondale

I've only got to know the MOTU Newspaper Comic Strips recently thanks to the Dark Horse book. The stories spanned several years and thus included incarnations of the MOTU that I don't like, but some of the tales are actually rather good and complement the other sources mentioned here. A recurring character is the diplomatic Lady Miranda from the Kingdom of Rondale. She becomes the love interest of Man-at-Arms. She is a competent sportswoman and scientist.


Evil Ice Empress

A malevolent enchantress from Eternia's past with the power to create ice storms, Iandir's rule ended when she was entombed in an iceberg. Years later she was conveyed by accident to the Northern Isles. The crew of the Snark towed her iceberg to Madaka with the intention of ending a drought created by Skeletor, not knowing what evil was contained within. Her brief freedom was ended by He‑Man. Or was it? Perhaps, centuries ago, she built the Magic Stealer pyramid but was thwarted from using it by Vikor.


Heroic Ruler of Rondale

Elisa inherited the throne of Rondale after her husband's death. She survived a coup attempt by her brother-in-law, Prince Nicholai, who had unwittingly begun a rebellion under the influence of Skeletor. Unprepared for rule, Elisa struggled until help arrived from the Eternian court and order was restored. The presence of Queen Elisa further contributes to the concept of lesser kingdoms with fealty to King Randor.


Heroic Defender of Rondale

A principled man who fought to represent the grievances of his people, Nicholai nevertheless became manipulated by a disguised Skeletor, and his peaceful resistance movement exploded into a violent revolution. He wished to be married to his old flame, Miranda, but she refused him. Nicholai formed a close bond with his nephew, Prince Corwin, and vowed to restore peace to Rondale with the family reunited.


Evil Disguise of Skeletor

Count Roteleks was the persona adopted by Skeletor in an attempt to ally himself with Prince Nicholai. Skeletor believed he would gain power if he placed Nicholai on Rondale's throne. His true identity was discovered and his plan failed with He‑Man's intervention. It would be great to have a version of Skeletor in the Classics which looks nothing like Skeletor. Disguises have been used many times in MOTU stories.


Heroic Heir of the Northern Isles

The daughter of King Telmund, Princess Benura was present on the island of Madaka to celebrate the Land's Day fealty ceremony when Queen Iandir awoke. Man-at-Arms saved Benura from Iandir's attempt to trap her in the ice and continue the enchantment. Princess Benura and Prince Adam were friends, although some speculated they were closer. Benura was well practised in court diplomacy and creating a polished persona.


Heroic Prime Minister of Eternia

One of King Randor's trusted advisers, Duke Tiberion was a politician who was known for voicing his opinions, sometimes in a public forum. However, he also understood the need to protect the king from underhanded endeavours, and he once enlisted Clamp Champ in secrecy to attack Snake Mountain. Unfortunately the plot was a manipulation created by Skeletor. Tiberion was efficient but a little arrogant.


Tutor to the Royal Household

Lady Elizabeth was a senior member of King Randor's court who attended every council meeting. She was a wise counsellor who drew on her experience of royal affairs. Elizabeth was a loyal courtier who displayed affection for Prince Adam and was very concerned for his wellbeing. Lady Elizabeth represents the political intrigue which was a feature of the Comic Strips but was rarely explored in such depth in other media.


Heroic Heir of Rondale

Son of Queen Elisa and nephew of Prince Nicholai, the young Corwin was partly the focus of the revolution which threatened to topple his mother's reign, because she wished him to be educated in the neighbouring Kingdom of Califia despite – or perhaps because of – a territorial claim over the Merken Isles. He was somewhat bratty but also displayed bravery and loyalty.


Heroic Insightful Detective

Sarindy formed a close friendship with her hero, He‑Man, and helped him foil a plot by Evil‑Lyn. She resided in the Eternos Orphanage and, due to her inability to walk, flew in a special hover-chair. Sarindy possessed great intellect, noticed the smallest details and was a wise critical thinker. Her courage was a constant inspiration to He‑Man, who considered her to be a great Eternian hero.


Evil Zombie Warrior

The next character is the He‑Man variant from the minicomic Escape from the Slime Pit! The story wasn't particularly strong – it portrayed the Rock People as idiotic pacifists – but idea of converting good people into evil zombies in Hordak's Slime Pit was quite fun. He‑Man resisted and defeated the effects of the magic. There is quite a lot of interest in the fandom about this character.

This figure – renamed as Horde Zombie He‑Man – is one of the Power‑Con exclusives for 2019.


Guardian of the Secret Liquid of Life

The minicomic The Secret Liquid of Life introduces Prince Dakon as one of He‑Man's childhood friends. When Geldor abducts Dakon's mentor, Torgul, and his fiancée, Maran, the prince proves to be a skilled combatant. Geldor has already been made into a Classics figure, and the story of the elixir has been written into the narrative, so hopefully Dakon will appear soon.


Master Alchemist

Torgul is forced to reveal the location of the magic elixir to Geldor in The Secret Liquid of Life. He's easily manipulated when he believes an illusion of his daughter, Maran, to be real. In the minicomic it's implied that he's the guardian of the liquid, but he fails in that task. I think a more fitting interpretation would be to cast him as the alchemist who created it and then hid it away once he realised its dangerous potential.


Evil Master of Illusion

Geldor's evil wizard isn't named in The Secret Liquid of Life, but I thought Malevelus sounded right for this master of illusion. The wizard is nowhere to be found at the end of the story. I imagine he finds a way to rescue Geldor from the giant tree which supposedly devours him. It's possible that Malevelus is one of a cadre of powerful wizards and is an associate of Damon.


Alchemist's Apprentice

Maran is the damsel in distress in The Secret Liquid of Life. She is a minor character who actually doesn't speak in the minicomic (it's her illusory form which pleads to Torgul for help), but, as Prince Dakon's fiancée, she provides some motivation for the Heroic Warriors to succeed. Her role isn't defined, but I can imagine her as her father's apprentice.


Guardian of the Magic Mirrors

For this character we return to the Golden Books, specifically The Magic Mirrors. It's a very weak story, but Motta is an interesting character who resides in a cavern in Enchanted Mountain. He's said to be hundreds of years old. His sole purpose seems to be to guard the mirrors, but things go awry when Skeletor shows up. He‑Man causes equal carnage by smashing the mirrors at the end of the tale.


Evil Cyborg Minotaur

I heard about Minox from this thread on He‑ He's from an Italian Magic Boy comic. So many characters have been created for the Masters of the Universe that it's impractical to list all the good ones here, but Minox reminds us that there are some non-English sources worthy of inclusion. The Four Horsemen have experience of designing minotaur creatures, so this is a logical choice.


Heroic Queen of the Kex

Oddly the Kex Queen isn't named in the He‑Man and the Insect People minicomic, hence the suggested name here. The story is interesting in that it makes Beast Man the antagonist rather than Skeletor. (It's refreshing to see him portrayed as a clever schemer rather than a bungling fool, even if he is defeated.) He‑Man and his allies are made honorary members of the Kex society after they rescue the queen and her eggs.


Loyal and Trusted Courtier

Irena is a Golden Book character from Mask of Evil. She's trapped inside a crystal globe by Mer‑Man in Slime Swamp while an imposter takes her place in King Randor's court. Irena is revealed to be a childhood friend of Adam and Teela. The cover illustration by Earl Norem is somewhat different from how she was drawn in the story itself. Irena is a visitor rather than a permanent member of the court, although it's not stated where she resides.


Evil Elemental Warrior

This character appears in a single illustration in The Sword of Skeletor. He looks to me like an elemental deity; perhaps the evil equivalent of Moss Man. I've given him the name of a god from Roman Britain who is thought to be a Green Man figure. This is one of those minor characters who could become significant in MOTU lore and would look fantastic in Classics form.


Heroic Rebel Leader

Verona is another character from the MOTU Newspaper Comic Strips. She was the flute-playing leader of a village whose inhabitants were transported into the distant Eternian past by Hordak and Mosquitor. Hordak's plan was to mine the rock used to build Castle Grayskull in order to prevent its construction. With He‑Man's help Verona led a rebellion against the Horde, but she was trapped in the past when they fled. She then fought the Snake Men and laid the foundations of Eternian society.


Heroic Eternian Founder

Martin was Verona's lover and a leading member of her rebellion against the Evil Horde. Martin remained in the past with Verona and the villagers when Mosquitor's Horde Troopers were vanquished. He fought the Snake Men and established a new society in ancient Eternia. Despite Verona's attraction to He‑Man, her heart always belonged to Martin, and his jealousy of the Eternian hero was unwarranted.


Evil Werewolf Warrior

The final choice in this selection marks a return to the Golden Books, specifically Secret of the Dragon's Egg. The character is seen in one illustration only, patrolling alongside Beast Man and Goat Man. He wasn't named in the book, hence the new name here. Lycanos is perfect for the Masters of the Universe, continuing the theme of hybrid animal humanoids, and would look great in the Classics line.



Evil Four-Armed Carnivore

Unquestionably the greatest MOTU monster race! A glorm terrifed villagers in the He‑Man Meets Ram‑Man! minicomic before He‑Man slew it. I've always wanted this over-sized creature to be made in the Classics line. It's perfect for the Classics aesthetic. A pack of these beasts under the mind control of Beast Man would be incredible foes on the battlefield.


Evil Underworld Creature

This fantastic monster resided in a fiery pit and was thought to have the power to breach Castle Grayskull in return for a human sacrifice. It appeared in one of the great Series Two minicomics, The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces! If made in Classics form, this over-sized creature could combine parts from the Glorm with Draego‑Man's wings.


Evil Valley-Dwelling Beast

Defeating this creature in combat revealed He‑Man had the strength and fearlessness to become the Defender of Castle Grayskull. This adventure occurred, of course, in He‑Man and the Power Sword, the very first minicomic. It was here the literature canon took root. The monster might not have the style of the Glorm or Pit Demon, but it's important nonetheless.


Evil Elemental Demon

Haramesh was featured in Siege of Avion, but the tale was basically a slightly altered version of The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces! The story is a repeat of Skeletor summoning a demon to help him breach Castle Grayskull. Nonetheless, the demon in question is an impressive one, and Haramesh would look great as a Classics figure. Haramesh had the power to transform into ice until he was slain by He‑Man.

5. OAK

Evil Jackal Demigod of Zhar

Here's another reminder that some good monsters have been created for non-English MOTU stories. I learned about Oak from the Dark Horse Compendium. He was worshipped in an ancient kingdom in a forested region of Eternia called Zhar. Oak was imprisoned inside a statue but broke free in the present. He was defeated by He‑Man and a temple priest.


Heroic Creation of the Obelisk

The minicomic entitled The Obelisk tells us that every year an obelisk with mysterious properties rises from the ground. When the story occurs, He‑Man and Skeletor compete for its power. This character was created to fight on the side of good. I've called him Chimæron because he looks like he's made from different beasts. We only see him in one panel, but the assumption is he survives the collapse of the obelisk and joins He‑Man.


Evil Spawn of the Obelisk

Also created by the magical obelisk, this multi-armed flying creature sided with Skeletor. I've given him the name of a mythological being from Hindu mythology. The rakshasas were sometimes depicted as having the ability to fly and posessing many limbs. I can imagine this creature infiltrating the palace in the dead of night.


Evil Flesh-Eating Demon

This beast was also featured in The Obelisk. To me he looks like some kind of flesh-eating demon, and I've returned to Hindu mythology for a suitable name. He's a creature of darkness who haunts cemeteries and feeds on human energy. He can change form and even become invisible.


Evil Transformed Orc

Forgive the laziness, but this creature is known so widely in the fandom just as the Green Mask of Power Demon that it seemed presumptuous to invent a name for him. He appeared in Masks of Power: one of a pair of little orcs commanded by Skeletor to fetch the power-granting masks. But he and his companion put on the masks, transformed into demons, and trapped Skeletor.


Evil Transformed Orc

As above, I haven't bothered to find a name for this creature, although he surely deserves one. It's logical to make a two-pack of this demon and his friend, but the set would have to include their original forms as orcs as well. It would be interesting to know who fashioned the masks, and who buried them in the ruins where Prince Adam and Fisto found them.



Evil Troops of Skeletor

If you're like me, you've probably been building an army for Skeletor from the Mythic Legions line, but it shouldn't have gone unnoticed that Skeletor still doesn't have a proper army in the Classics. We've had excellent Snake Men and Horde Troopers army-builders, but no equivalent for Skeletor. That's why I want to see these impressive fighters added to the line. I've named them the Ochre Trolls. They appeared in The Power of... Point Dread! minicomic. The significance can't be overstated; this was the very first time we saw Skeletor with an army.


Heroic Guardians of the Royal Household

We had some mediocre Palace Guards based on the Man-at-Arms design some time ago in the Classics, but the best royal soldiers were illustrated in The Magic Stealer! and The Power of... Point Dread! minicomics. The black, red and yellow designs of these warriors' armour are striking and fitting for a royal protection detail. These are the troops who fought to the death against the Ochre Trolls in defence of the palace.


Evil Troops of Beast Man

Well, this one's obvious, isn't it? How can we not have Beast Man's tribe in the line? They were featured in To Tempt The Gods! when they launched an aerial assault on the city of Avion. It's pretty much always been accepted that Beast Man is the leader of his people, unless you're a Filmation enthusiast who prefers Beast Man represented as a witless underling. This illustration shows us they use Lodar-style maces in battle.


Heroic Defenders of Avion

Here's another obvious choice for an army-builder set. At the moment Stratos is a leader without any followers, and that needs to be remedied. There have been several representations of Stratos's people over the years, but a new army-builder set really needs to resemble his Classics form, as shown here in this panel from Siege of Avion.


Evil Troops of Lodar

The Kobolds from Slave City! are really well conceived creatures, and they would look great interpreted for the Classics line. Thanks to Super7 we already have Lodar, so it makes sense to supply him with his army. Somehow I don't think Lodar is going to stay trapped in the darkness for long, and he'll need his Kobolds upon his return.


Evil Feline Forest Tribe

Definitely the best adversaries in The Sunbird Legacy, the Panther Men seem tailor-made for the Classics. In the story Beast Man encounters the tribe performing an arcane ritual in front of a piece of the ancient weapon. They endeavour to attack him, but he exerts his extraordinary mind control over them and becomes their king.


Evil Troops of Kobra Khan

The minicomic called The Fastest Draw in the Universe! has very little to commend it, but it did give us a couple of sketches of a race named the Lizard Men. They're shown as being the underlings of Kobra Khan. Even from the very weak illustrations, it's clear that these creatures would work well in the Classics.


Evil Denizens of the Mystic Mountains

A savage race who burrow in the mountains beneath Avion, the Ilkorts periodically do battle with Stratos's people. Under the command of Skeletor they launch a particularly vicious attack and abduct Delora in Siege of Avion. It seems likely that Skeletor keeps a contingent of these orc-like warriors in Snake Mountain.


Evil Undead Creatures

For this selection we return to The Sunbird Legacy. Dyr had various skeletal warriors under his command in the days when he stalked Eternia and built the Sunbird weapon. They'd make a great two-pack if various heads were included, but a couple of different sets based on these designs would be even better.


Heroic Subterranean Insect People

The Kex from He‑Man and the Insect People have always been quite popular in the MOTU fandom. I've always thought they look timid rather than heroic, but I quite like them, and I think they'd fit well in the Classics. This underground race was enslaved by Beast Man briefly before being rescued by He‑Man and his allies.



All-Terrain Machine

If the Attak Trak is built in the Classics line, it's my expectation that it will have the red and blue colour scheme of the vintage toy. However, the chunky gold-brown version that we saw in He‑Man Meets Ram‑Man! and The Magic Stealer! is absolutely my favourite version. This is the equivalent of the Mark 1 Land Rover versus the Range Rover Evoque. No adornments, no transparent track casings, no stickers, just rugged good looks and power. Perhaps this would be suitable as a Power‑Con exclusive, and I'd want to include a ruddy brown Zoar for good measure.