This page shows some examples of the smaller scale figures which have been created during the revival of the Masters Of The Universe. The He-Man and Skeletor figures shown below are from the McDonald's MOTU set that was available during the early Summer of 2003 in the US.

The complete set consists of eight numbered figures:

1. He-Man
2. Skeletor
3. Battle Cat
4. Man-At-Arms
5. Beastman
6. Panthor
7. Orko
8. Ram Man

Mattel also introduced several small-scale versions of the redesigned characters, and released these in similar packaging to the standard sized figures. Examples of these models are shown below. From left to right - Mekaneck, Teela and Mer-Man.

These mini figures are approximately 2.75 inches or 7 centimetres tall. They have no moving parts like the full size figures, but the attention to detail is excellent.