Instantly recognisable as being based on the vintage Battle Ram's front section, the Jet Sled is the second Classics vehicle (after Wind Raider), and it's a good addition to the line. The design has the usual trait of being slightly unsymmetrical (something that seems to be a Four Horsemen characteristic), but it looks good anyway. The original had stickers but this one has raised coloured sections. The dragons on the side are particularly impressive.

But hang on. Isn't something wrong here? Well, yes. The name Jet Sled was used in the original line for an entirely different vehicle. All right - not entirely different - it was a small flying vehicle, but one that was stood on rather than sat on. I think the reuse of the name is actually sensible in the Classics context, but it does obviously imply that the original Jet Sled won't be restyled for the new line.

And then there's the figure packed with Jet Sled: the one who's been named Sky High for the MOTUC. Never seen in figure form before, Sky High is one of those nice touches that shows the creators' respect for the Vintage details. He appeared as the pilot of Wind Raider in a promotional poster. Sky High was given an accessory (not shown here) which doubles up as a set of wings (which clips into his armour) and a staff weapon.