He-Ro and Eldor were prototype figures for the Powers Of Grayskull line that was intended to follow the original MOTU line. As we know, POG never got started - at least until Classics came along. He-Ro was released early but we had to wait until 2014 for Eldor.

He-Ro never really had much appeal to me because of his superhero appearance and bright gold armour, but Eldor was a different story altogether. The idea of a wise wizard having an important influence on the MOTU story seemed really interesting. That's why Eldor was featured in my fan fiction, which you can read on this site.

HE-RO. Not really the most inspiring figure in the line, but an important part of MOTU lore. He-Ro's main accessory is a staff which features a coloured crystal. He also has a blue sword which is not shown here. Mattel issued three versions of the staff, each with a different colour stone, and you can't tell until you open the package which colour you have. I'm not a fan of that sort of marketing ploy.

ELDOR. Sometimes a figure comes along that catches you by surprise. Eldor is spectacularly good. The level of detail is superb on his clothing and his accessories. The Four Horsemen have made some great improvements on what was a rather simple and dull prototype. He's quickly become one of my favourite Classics figures. Sometimes their face sculpts are bland, but Eldor has a sage-like visage that's full of character. A great addition to the line.