GOLDEN BOOKS 1983 - 1986

Western Publishing Company released a large number of MOTU and POP books under the banner of Golden. Below is what I believe to be the complete list. Links are provided to the books which have been scanned and presented on this site. Most of these books can still be tracked down on sites like AbeBooks if you're interested in finding copies of the others. I haven't listed them here, but some titles were apparently released as both soft and hard covers.

The stories were pretty basic, although The Sunbird Legacy stands out as an exception. The interior illustrations varied in quality but were generally adequate for children's picture books. By contrast, the cover paintings by Earl Norem were much more dramatic and detailed. It seems the stories were aimed at children who were learning to read, so don't expect too much from the content. There are, however, some good moments of jeopardy and action.

MOTU Soft Covers

POP Soft Covers

Giant Picture Books

MOTU Hard Covers

POP Hard Covers

MOTU Hard Covers (Heroic Champions)

POP Hard Covers (Heroic Champions)