The MOTU characters have such a broad range of talents and abilities that choosing a favourite is somewhat difficult. For me, the best character is the sinister Scare Glow, pictured here. There is something fascinating about the fact that he is a ghost with a physical form, and therefore undead. That makes him unique among the MOTU, and the mystery is all the greater for his being the evil ghost of Skeletor. It put an exciting new twist on the mythology, for if Skeletor had a ghost, surely he must have died at some point? I had to include Scare Glow in my Grayskull story, and I gave a reason for the jagged scar that dominates Scare Glow's skull.

Hordak is another favourite of mine, and I think the idea of his returning to Eternia to wreak his vengeance upon Skeletor is fabulous. It meant there was effectively a whole sub-plot to the mythology to be explored, and this was a really important part of my story.

I have always been a big fan of Man-At-Arms too. There are several layers to his character - he is the caring foster-father of Teela, the childhood friend of Randor, the mentor of He-Man, a talented inventor and the greatest ever master of weapons in the history of Eternia.

I could go on about the various attributes of the different MOTU characters, but that is not really the purpose of this page. What I am trying to highlight is the fact that these characters are powerful because of their personalities, their skills and their roles within the MOTU mythology. Fans will have different reasons for choosing favourites - I think the ones I like best are simply those who fit most easily into my vision of Eternia.