The first comic to feature the Masters of the Universe was published by DC Comics in July 1982. The Gary Cohn minicomics, which were packed with the toys, came out the same year and were also published by DC Comics. There are key similarities, such as the fairly violent portrayal of battles on Eternia and the rustic nature of the kingdom, but only the comics feature Prince Adam. The concept seems to have been in the rough draft stage - in From Eternia with Death! Adam displays superhuman strength quite openly by twisting a barbell into a knot in front of Teela.

The prince is portrayed as a tavern-loving merrymaker, and ends up getting challenged by the real star of the story, Crusher. Adam suggests stepping outside and promptly gets thrown through the door of the Dragon's Breath Inn. Crusher is a fabulous character who obviously likes a drunken brawl but is seemingly good natured at heart. I imagine him as wanting to prove himself worthy of joining the heroic warriors, but he doesn't have the sense to see that fighting with the king's son is not the best way to draw attention. The story isn't about Crusher though, and his presence just sets up Adam's hasty journey to the Cavern of Power.

From Eternia with Death! is, of course, a crossover story. Skeletor's attempt to use magic to breach Castle Grayskull causes a storm on Earth, and Superman is drawn into the maelstrom and is carried to Eternia. Superman discovers that he can be wounded in this mysterious land by magic. An alliance is formed between He‑Man and Superman. They endeavour to defeat Skeletor but Superman's weakness against sorcery causes him to turn against He‑Man. But the spell is broken, the friends reunite, and Skeletor is defeated. Fortunately a time-space warp opens and Superman departs.

I'm not enthusiastic about crossover stories, but this is actually a pretty good adventure tale. For fans of old MOTU canon, From Eternia with Death! has some very interesting themes. It is implied that the Sorceress - portrayed here with the snake armour - resides in the Cavern of Power and sends a 'dark bird of prey' to summon her hero. She casts a spell to transform Prince Adam and Cringer into He‑Man and Battle Cat. The split Power Sword concept is also featured. This is a nicely illustrated and well written story. Comics back then were printed on very poor quality paper so the scans look a bit rough in places.