Custom characters are non-original figures created from original parts. To do this well requires artistic skill and imagination. Some of these figures are sold for high prices due to their uniqueness. I intend to leave detailed customization to those who know what they are doing! This page is about showing how very basic customized characters can be added to the Classics line by simply swapping a few parts. For examples of expert customization, have a look at Jon English's Custom Gallery here. For some basic ideas, read on.

When I saw the DC Universe Nite-Lik figure on sale on Matty Collector, I thought the character's head might look good on my spare Keldor's body, and the result is what you see here on the right. It is a simple combination of parts from two separate lines, but it means Skeletor has a new evil ally! I actually think the Nite-Lik head looks better on a Classics body than it did on its original Green Lantern one.

You do not have to cross two toy lines in order to create new characters though. If you have some spare armour or weapons, you can create new versions of existing characters. My Grayskull Saga featured a new Zodac story linking him to the Evil Horde. Hordak's armour on Zodac works pretty well. Quite often the bright colours of the Classics figures and their accessories would make swapping parts look out of place, but sometimes there are some compatible exchanges.

The extra armour found in the Weapons Paks can be used on spare figures, either to create new characters, or new versions of existing ones. For example, the gold Mer-Man armour (which does not look particularly good on Mer-Man) looks fine on He-Man. You can see what I mean by reading my online minicomic The Skayleth Awakens. Some little changes here and there can add some new touches to the Classics, so if you are inclined to add a few extras to your collection, maybe some of the following examples will give you some ideas.

On the left is my Horde Zodac with Horde armour and armband. In the middle is my (Series Two) Minicomic He-Man, created simply by putting a King Grayskull head on a He-Man body. The character on the right is Morceg from my Hordak's Horror Staff minicomic. Not only does Hordak's armour work well on Zodac, but Zodac's armour works well on Hordak, which makes me think my Grayskull Saga idea was right!

Buying Nite-Lik meant I had a spare Skallox head to do something with as the figure was sold with both heads. As you can see on the figure on the left above, Skallox's head ended up on a Vikor body. Suddenly Skeletor has another beast under his command and the chains have a new meaning. The Skeletor in the middle has a Keldor cloak but is otherwise no different. Finally, adding a He-Man head to King Grayskull body creates a loosely 2002 era-looking He-Man. The look would be made complete by adding the techno-sword that came with Man-At-Arms.