Super7 selected some recognisable and popular characters for their third Filmation set. The company recognises the importance of nostalgia with these toys, and is evidently following the tried and trusted formula of staying with the familiar. I think this set will be popular with Filmation cartoon fans, and I think it's the best wave yet. But they're still not getting female figures right, and She‑Ra is the set's weak point.

I noticed that Super7 are describing their product as 'Deluxe Figures' on the box. While I like this set a lot overall, I think such terminology is over-egging the pudding somewhat. They're (mostly) good figures; they're nostalgic; they're fun to own, but they're not in the same league quality-wise as the Four Horsemen's Mythic Legions and many other action figure lines. I think they're getting better with each wave, but basic problems like sloppy paint application are still present.

Talking about the box, another point of interest revealed thereupon was the number of cartons (i.e. sets of four) which were shipped to Super7. 3,416 cartons (assuming a single shipment) gives a very rough idea of how big the market is for these made-to-order figures. Some of those will be reserved as customer service (replacement) stock; some will go to Big Bad Toy Store. And we don't know how many customers buy single sets or multiples. But hopefully it shows that there's life in the line yet.

I don't want to sound negative about these characters. With the exception of She‑Ra, this is a fun set, and I was impressed with the male figures right away when I opened them. And while I bemoan the poor character selection and achingly slow production rate of the Classics figures, I am genuinely supportive of their Filmation counterparts, and I think Super7 is getting better with time as the cartoon waves continue. They're heading in the right direction if not yet at the destination.

It's a sensible selection of characters for this set. She‑Ra is an obvious choice as the protagonist of her cartoon series. Fisto is a perennial favourite in any format, and the Evil Horde has always been a great source of interesting and varied characters ever since they first appeared in the vintage toyline. I'll always prefer the Classics versions of these figures, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the Filmation ones too. Nonetheless, I repeat my call for more focus on the Classics.

FISTO has turned out very well. There's a lot of character and expression in the face, although the designer got a bit carried away when hollowing out the cheeks. There's a very obvious paint splodge on the lower lip of my figure. Gloss paint has been used on the upper parts of the boots but not the feet, which makes no sense. The gauntlet is nicely done, and the single torso piece is pretty much perfect. But the head has only side-to-side articulation, which forces a permanent downward glance.

GRIZZLOR impressed me right away because he's slightly oversized. The torso on cartoon Grizzlor looks more like clothing than fur, of course, but it works very well for a piece with minimal sculpting. The large, clawed hands are great, although I've noticed that the black paint transfers onto the accessories. Speaking of which, I like the shield but am underwhelmed by the baton. He has a good face sculpt which makes this Grizzlor look wiser than the feral versions we've seen before.

SHE‑RA is the problem child in this set. She's a little awkward to pose although not to the degree of Super7's 5½″ figure. The very obvious flaw is the eyes – they've been painted too far apart. (This isn't unique to my figure – it appears to have afflicted the whole batch.) The shoulder sockets are too big but somehow still cause the arms to stick out. And another problem which seems to be universal is the odd shading on her bust. It makes her look sunburned. A disappointment.

MANTENNA puts things back on track. He's probably the best figure in the set. A great success has been made of the four legs which I imagine present a challenge for the designers. The slender neck has a neat bend which allows a really cool head rotation. And there is shading on this figure! Okay, not to quite the same standard as Classics Mer‑Man, but it's a joy to see the return of a much missed feature of these toys. And that's not all – the second head with protruding eyes is very good too. Congratulations, Super7. This figure is a triumph.