It's been a long wait but Super7's second set of Classics figures have finally arrived. Yes, that's the same opening sentence I used when I wrote about Set 1, but it's been – almost to the day – an entire year since ordering these figures. Things move slowly indeed. Hopefully the pace will pick up a bit henceforth. Lest you think it's exclusively a Super7 problem, I should say that the Four Horsemen's Mythic Legions Kickstarter is similarly delayed, so let's not think of this as a black mark on this occasion.

In this set we have Granita, Dylamug, Karg and Wrap Trap. It's quite an eclectic mix, drawing as it does from various sources, and it's led to some interesting discussions about the character choices. Incidentally, the photo at the top here shows the Classics characters alongside the new Filmation set which was shipped at the same time. The main topic of conversation is the inclusion of a cartoon character who doesn't fit the Classics aesthetic. More about that in a moment.

We're at an interesting point now. All the core characters from the original MOTU line were made during Mattel's management of the Classics, so we're logically looking towards slightly more obscure sources for suitable characters. Don't for one moment think that that limits the choices. MOTU is huge, and we could probably find hundreds more characters to make. But what makes the best source material? For me it's the Literature Faction and prototypes. For you it might be something different.

I'll admit I'm torn by the selection in this set. Most of these figures would have been a very long way down my wish list, but those which have been chosen do have a lot of support in the fandom. From that perspective, Super7 has made some wise choices. But, as a fan whose interests are elsewhere in the MOTU world, I'm a little disappointed. There should be at least one minicomic character per wave, and I'm sure New Adventures and 200X fans would endorse their factions with similar vigour.

There is some nervousness about the focus on Filmation, and this set does little to ease those concerns. With Filmation now having its own line, Classics really needs to cover everything else, and not have slots pinched by cartoon figures. It's been said that Super7 sells more Filmation figures than Classics. Well, is that really surprising? The Filmation figures are in their infancy, and they have a large fanbase. But it's the Classics that have brought us this far. Better character choices might make the difference.

GRANITA is the first female Rock Warrior in the Classics. She's quite a nice looking figure, although there's a slightly odd bra thing going on. I was hoping for shading on the rock pieces so they might match Rokkon's and Stonedar's accessories, but it turns out that lack of paint is the least of the issues. The plates – some of which I haven't included in the photo – are really chunky, and they just don't fit together at all. Even worse, the clips which attach them to the figure are loose, so they wouldn't stay on even if they fitted properly. I don't understand how such heavy, ill-fitting pieces ended up being made. It's a shame because Granita herself is actually rather good.

DYLAMUG is the controversial cartoon character of this wave. Now, many fans wanted him, so I'm going to try to put my lack of interest in this character to one side. I support the inclusivity of this line, and I'm pleased for the fans who've asked for him. What I can say objectively, however, is there's nothing remotely Classics-like about Dylamug. Sure, he's quite a creative concept, and it's obvious some work has gone into the figure, but he doesn't appeal to me. This slot should have gone to someone from the Literature Faction. For what he is, Dylamug is designed well enough, although I can't tell if the twisted shins were done deliberately so he could stand upright.

KARG is another character who's been asked for for some time by fans of the MOTU movie. As I've said before, I think the film was really bad, so my interest in characters from it is non-existent. That said, I think Karg might be the best figure from the movie yet. The face sculpt is a work of art, and the ruffled collar is a neat detail. The accessories seem to have been simplified from their original designs, which is a pity. The cape works well because a soft plastic has been used. The boots are, I think, a new design, and they could be used on other figures. I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I like this figure.

WRAP TRAP is based on concept art from the original line. He was been known as the Horde Mummy before being given a new name for the Classics. He's definitely the best figure of this set. Every part of him is a new sculpt. A point of shoulder articulation has been sacrificed to accommodate the bandages. It's not immediately obvious but paint has been added to the bandages to give them texture and a sense of age. Even though he's a new sculpt, the Four Horsemen have, predictably, still managed to give him an Unsymmetrical Torso™. I thought they were using Z‑Brush now? The weapons deserve a special mention because they are superb. This figure is what the Classics should be about. The single fault aside, this is great work.