In the Eternian coastal town of Havenshore, the oldest building in the oldest street is a tavern named the Quill And Sword. It is a place of friendly gossip and good-hearted laughter, frequented by locals and travellers alike. And strangers are truly welcome in Havenshore, for it is a port of many faces, with traders willing to sell their wares and tell you a tale.

Perhaps this is why the Quill And Sword is known across the world as one of the finest locations to enjoy a good drink and listen to the masterful storytellers who pass through the tavern doors. The inn has become the adopted home of the Guild Of Eternian Bards; a curious collection of diverse characters, each with many legends and adventures carefully memorised.

Many have passed under the intricately crafted sign that swings over the doors as the ocean whispers tales of her own. When dusk falls, and the inn's chambers are lit by the flickering light of lamps and candles, a bard slowly makes for the large chair by the hearth. He sits, leans back, and takes another sip of his chosen brew. He pauses in silence just long enough for the crowd to fall quiet, and then he begins his tale...

OK, so this page is a little different from the other Vaults Of Grayskull pages. Why have I created this scenario? Well, I want you, dear reader, to do some of the work for me! As you are well aware, Vaults Of Grayskull is a fan fiction website. Until now, I have concentrated on publishing my own work here, and I hope my Grayskull novel and short stories have interested and inspired you. Now I am keen to encourage others to get writing, and I would like to invite all MOTU fans to submit stories to me for consideration.

I'm looking for good quality tales inspired by the early minicomics. I won't say what should or should not be included, but common sense dictates that certain subjects won't be entertained in the interests of good taste. My decision is final! If you have a completed work and wish to submit it to me for consideration, please go to the Contact The Webmaster page and attach the file. Attachments must be in plain text format. I'll delete other file types.

If I really like your story, I'll host it on Vaults Of Grayskull. I reserve the right to make editorial changes, but the copyright will remain yours and you will be shown as the writer and owner of the work. In addition, new tales will be announced on the Website Update page. And who knows, perhaps the Guild may invite you to join them!

I have to say that encouraging new MOTU writers to submit work for publication on the web is nothing new. The He-Man Tales website is the greatest source of MOTU fiction on the Internet, and I suggest anyone who hasn't visited HMT should do so immediately. Well not quite immediately; finish reading this first.

I've had some great discussions with HMT's Mirck Dyer about promoting fan fiction, and I'm pleased to say that we share many ideas. Quite how he's managed to find all these great authors still baffles me, but I'm glad he has. Vaults and HMT both use the early minicomics as the inspiration for their respective stories, and Mirck has adopted the term Mineternia to reflect this inspiration in the HMT tales.

It's a tricky job finding a name to describe a writing genre, but Mirck and I are open to suggestions! However, don't worry too much about that; it's more important that you get writing! I hope this request won't be in vain. There must be a few imaginative folks out there who have some great He-Man stories. Let me see that creative energy!