I have decided to add a Q & A page to Vaults Of Grayskull, as I often receive e-mails from interested visitors who ask questions and offer opinions on the website and various MOTU topics. I thought it might be helpful to cover some of the subjects in a new page. I don't intend to duplicate information that appears elsewhere on Vaults Of Grayskull, so have a browse through the other pages too. Of course, I'm always pleased to receive e-mails, so if there is something new you want to mention, please feel free to contact me. I shall try to reply promptly, but this is not always possible, so please be patient! I intend this page to be fairly flexible, so I shall amend it and add new comments from time to time. New Q & A topics will appear at the top of the page.

Do you have any links with Mattel?

None at all. Vaults Of Grayskull is my way of expressing my interpretation of the MOTU mythology to an Internet audience. Mattel steered the toyline away from the original barbarian concepts that this site celebrates. Vaults Of Grayskull is a fan fiction website for the MOTU enthusiasts who enjoy the vivid fantasy landscape of the early minicomics. I don't feel Vaults Of Grayskull needs to go in the same direction as Mattel for the simple reason that we have different objectives.

What do you think of the new Masters Of The Universe toys?

I am pleased that Mattel made the decision to bring back the Masters, and I think the Four Horsemen have redesigned many of the characters really well. However, as the new line develops, I have to say that some of the toys are really disappointing. For every excellent sculpt there seems to be a disastrous one! I think renaming Fisto as Battle Fist is a tragedy, and the Mecha Bite Battle Cat and Panthor toys look ridiculous. Yet the Snake Men designs have great attention to detail. When the first of the new toys appeared, they had a barbarian look, but the later toys look more like cyborgs. So there is good and bad. There has certainly been a mixed reaction amongst the fans and collectors. It's probably because the whole world wants to see Hordak and he is yet to appear!

Have you submitted your Grayskull novel to Mattel?

Once I had written the story, I wrote to Mattel. When I received a reply a month later, they told me they have a policy of never accepting ideas from outside the company. I can understand why such a policy is in place, but I feel it is rather short-sighted. I have been delighted with the positive and enthusiastic comments I have received from visitors to Vaults Of Grayskull about the story, so I know the interest is there amongst the fans. I would be happy to talk to Mattel if they contacted me!

Why don't you update Vaults Of Grayskull more often?

Constructing a website is a time-consuming process! I like to pay attention to detail, and the time I can dedicate to working on the site is limited. To give you some idea how long it takes me to put things together, I spent about three months creating the site before it appeared on the Internet. The Weapons Pak page took three hours to complete, and that's a short page! Bear in mind that Vaults Of Grayskull is primarily a fan fiction site, and the writing projects take the longest to complete.

Are you planning to write anything for the new toyline?

No. My interest lies with the early themes of the original MOTU toys, and my fiction reflects this. I find the fantasy world of Eternia considerably more fascinating than the science fiction version. I don't feel that I am limiting my options by concentrating on the barbarian themes. There are endless places to explore within the fantasy landscape.

Why is the mythology of Eternia so important?

It is fairly easy to write a story that describes the world and the people who inhabit it, the battles they fight and the lives they lead. But by adding the element of mythology, the tale becomes deeper. The story becomes a painting, capturing a single moment in the expanse of history. The early minicomics were really imaginative, and they introduced us to a fantasy world of elemental gods and magic. Character development grows out of this backdrop, and this contributes to the painting. If you want nothing more than a few two-dimensional characters having fights, watch a cartoon.

Why are Teela and He-Man romantically linked in Grayskull?

The romance between Teela and He-Man is hinted at in the story, but very little detail is revealed. I did not want to make the theme a main plot in the tale, but as a minor sub-plot I think it helps with character development. It allows other areas to be explored too. The various characters express emotion in different ways, and I think love is an important topic in all stories, for it balances the action. The MOTU characters have a range of emotions, from Skeletor's pure hatred of the king to Randor's sorrow at the loss of his brother.

Why is He-Man not all-powerful in Grayskull?

Don't be fooled into thinking that my interpretation of He-Man's character ignores his most powerful man in the universe title. He-Man's strength is not questioned. However, that is only one part of the man. Physical strength and emotional strength are very different, and I thought it was important for He-Man to possess the weaknesses that we all share. This helps shape his actions, and one should remember that in the early minicomics, He-Man's love for Eternia motivates him to overcome obstacles. It is also important to realise that He-Man is a young warrior, and he has much to learn from Castle Grayskull and his mentors.