ORKO. The comic relief character of the MOTU has been done very well for the Classics line. The original figure was poorly designed and too big, so it is good to see the Classics version has been reduced to a size more in proportion to the other characters. A stand was supplied with the figure, but its base is a little too small to be steady when Orko is attached.

PRINCE ADAM. He-Man's alter-ego was not sold as a separate character - he was actually Orko's 'accessory'. He was supplied with two heads - the traditional He-Man head (left) and a happy head (right) which, for some reason, I find a little disturbing! Overall this is a fairly good figure. This figure will be a popular addition to the line as he represents a major MOTU canon.

WHIPLASH. This figure is great and certain to become one of the favourite Classics figures. He is supplied with two heads - the vintage style (left) and the 2002 style (right), and has weapons from both eras too. The tail has a point of articulation, but is otherwise solid. This is a sensible change from the original figure, whose tail was rubbery and easily damaged.