EVIL LYN. The figure uses the same parts as Goddess and Teela, so the same lack of symmetry exists with Evil Lyn. I haven't illustrated it here, but if you look at any of these figures from behind, all are bending over to the left. The obvious fault aside, I love the styling of Evil Lyn, and she is a welcome addition to the line.

WUN-DAR. The bonus figure from the 2010 Matty Collector subscription, Wun-Dar is the Classics version of the very limited edition Wonderbread He-Man from the original line. So the figure is original, but the name is not. Wun-Dar is all but identical to He-Man and wears a black version of Zodac's armour. The figure suffers from the common problem of loose ankle joints.

TYTUS. Tytus the giant is shown here because he was released (only in Italy) as a MOTU figure. Fortunately, Classics Tytus was designed to look like the original artwork rather than the original figure, because the original figure was awful. Classics Tytus looks great at a distance, but there are some design flaws and the articulation is far too limited. It is not readily apparent from these photographs, but when Tytus's legs are straightened at the knee and he is viewed from the side, you can see an unnatural bend on the lower legs and boots, as though he has curved shins. The first Classics giant is probably the worst figure of the line so far.