TRAP JAW. No matter what Mattel does with the Classics line, I think the company has now made its best figure. Trap Jaw was always a favourite character from the original line, and this incarnation is very good indeed. It is going to be very difficult to top this one, because this could be the best action figure of any toy line!

BATTLE CAT. Packaging problems have surfaced again with Battle Cat - one of the hind legs has been bent by the inner shell used in the box. The scale of this figure seems slightly odd too - put He-Man in the saddle and he fits badly. Battle Cat is, however, well-styled and does look good, and will probably please fans of both the original toy and the cartoon.

MOSS MAN. Moss Man has been supplied with two heads. The first is the Beastman-style head which was used on the original toy. The second is the 2002 monkey-style head. As with the original, a woodland scent has been mixed into the plastic (you won't detect that from these photographs unless your Internet connection is really good). The flocking (fur effect) works well. The figure was not going to be flocked originally, and the prototype unflocked version is shown on the packaging.