GODDESS. She appeared originally (as the Sorceress) in the very first minicomic, He-Man and the Powersword, but she did not appear as a figure in the original toy line. This is a beautiful figure, but has been let down by poor manufacturing standards and has ended up with a wobbly head.

SKELETOR (REISSUE). Also known as Original Skeletor, this is a reissued figure with a tighter left hand grip. Unfortunately this figure has very soft ankle joints. The face paint is slightly less green, and that does improve his appearance. This is still a great figure, holding his place as one of the best in the line.

BATTLE ARMOR HE-MAN. One of the early He-Man variants from the original MOTU line, Battle Armor He-Man now makes an appearance in the Classics. The original rotating barrel in the chest has been replaced with three snap-in chest plates, and the change works well. A good figure overall, but as so much of the BA He-Man artwork shows him with a shield, it is a shame this accessory was not included.