SCARE GLOW. The reliquary prop relates to the new biography and, fortunately, it is removeable. This character has been renamed as Scareglow for the Classics. The figure glows in the dark as the original did. This is possibly the best figure of the series so far.

HE-MAN (REISSUE). Also known as Original He-Man, this is a reissued figure which addresses the faults of the first Classics He-Man. The improvements, including the less-glossy paintwork, do make this a better figure, although the right hand's grip is too loose.

KING RANDOR. Unfortunately Randor's original spear has been replaced with a staff for the Classics figure, but the staff is still a good accessory. Quality control is not perfect - the figure shown here has his crown slightly off-centre. Overall, however, this is a really good figure and a worthy addition to the series.