DRAGSTOR. Rounding up the Horde characters from the original MOTU line, Dragstor is reasonably good in his Classics incarnation but not without a few oddities. I want to begin with a positive though - his torso colour. Some fans have been disappointed that the designers went with black instead of the original blue, but for me it's actually a very good change from the MOTU figure. Where they've not made a stylistic change but should have is the position of the chest wheel. The photos don't show it but that tyre piece isn't a whole wheel - it's just a sliver of plastic that sits over the figure's belt with a noticeable gap. Designed as it is, it preserves waist articulation, but that's not really the point. The Dragstor concept is that he travels around at speed lying flat to the ground on the wheel. We've never expected working action features with the Classics, but an attempt to make the wheel look more like a wheel should have been tried. Just raising it closer to the Horde logo would have looked so much better. The crossbow - styled to look like engine parts - is nicely done. It pins into the backpack too. Unfortunately the recurring problem of excessive packaging causes this accessory to bend out of shape. He's neither the best Horde character nor a great Classics figure, but on balance I like him.

LASER POWER HE-MAN. It is entirely appropriate to end the Classics versions of the Vintage figures with Laser Power He-Man and Laser Light Skeletor (shown below) because they were the final characters of the original Masters toy line. They were given a limited release at the time and thus occupied a lesser known place in MOTU history than many other characters. So, what of the Classics version of He-Man? Well, it's pretty obvious that this character is a long way from his barbarian origin. He's the missing link between the original and New Adventures incarnations. The head sculpt shows this rather well. The arm guard sections don't fit He-Man's arm properly. I wish the designers had made his backpack much smaller - it wasn't necessary to copy the original so closely. It makes him rather a clumsy figure. He does have the original action feature though, which is the glowing sword. With the enormous battery pack it would have been nice if the thing shone reasonably brightly, but its output is weak. I've had to add a touch of over-exposure to the photo to make the feature show up better. But, you know what? He's actually an okay figure.

LASER LIGHT SKELETOR. I have been impressed with the various Skeletor figures during the course of the Classics line, even admiring the New Adventures version a great deal (which, weirdly, some NA fans don't seem to like). Laser Light Skeletor is the version of the villain who, in the backstory, transforms into the NA cybernetic monster. The lovely detailing on this figure captures much of that concept. It's very cool to have a Skeletor with LED eyes, even if they don't glow brightly. The lighting effect also goes through a half-articulated right arm (no elbow joint) to the red gauntlet. It barely touches the transparent Havoc Staff unfortunately, and I've therefore added over-exposure to the photo to improve the effect. The large battery pack is too heavy. As Skeletor is wearing a solid cloak as well, he has a tendency to topple backwards if you try to stand him upright, so adjusting the legs into a more dynamic pose or extending his left arm forwards as a counter-balance becomes necessary. But the plus points definitely out-weigh the negatives, and this is a really good figure with which to conclude the Classics versions of the original line figures.