SAUROD. He's the last of the three movie figures and the best of the bunch. It's not hard to see that plenty of attention was paid to the sculpting of this figure. The colour scheme is strong. At first glance Saurod actually looks pretty good. And yet I'm disappointed with him. I'm annoyed that my aversion to the movie figures hasn't finally been subdued. I can't help thinking that, in another line, Saurod might fit in. The intricate styling is fine but doesn't say 'Masters of the Universe'. And then there are little details that spoil the figure. The gun is boring, comes out of the packaging bent, and doesn't fit his hand well. I can't work out whether he's wearing leather trunks, a nappy or exposing flaps of skin that don't match other parts of his body. Close but not quite there.

TERROR CLAWS SKELETOR. I was looking forward to receiving this Skeletor variant and I'm rather pleased with him. His skin tone is darker than the other Skeletor figures but I don't think it detracts. I like the armour design. The claws are pretty basic but look fine, and they clip on without restricting the elbow movement, so Skeletor can be posed well. The accessory - shall we call it a litter picker? - is okay, although I'd like the middle joint to be firmer to allow it to hold an angled position better. A good variant.

FLYING FISTS HE-MAN. I don't get particularly enthusiastic about He-Man variants, but I do like this one. It's the armour that makes this figure for me. It's been styled very nicely with some strong colours. The white on the boots is a detail that you might not notice at once, but it's one of those touches that shows the designers know their game. While the sword is a basic one-colour item, the shield is much more interesting. But my enthusiasm takes a hit regarding the large spinny weapon thing. I know it's meant to be there with this variant but I just don't like it. Aesthetically it's boring but there's a bigger problem: it's too heavy and the pin that He-Man grips to hold it is too fat. The end result is a quickly opened hand that ceases to be able to hold the sword. So we have a great figure but a rubbish accessory.