ROTAR. Supplied in a two pack with Twistoid, Rotar is the heroic spinny one. Mattel sensibly included legs with Rotar (the original version didn't have them), so he can be displayed in a similar fashion to his fellow warriors. He can also be displayed as shown on the left in a new pedestal-type base, or like the original toy (not shown). The large weapon doubles up as a base for the figure - it all snaps together quite neatly, but ideally would benefit from a clear acrylic stand to give a hovering effect. The figure is okay but nothing special - he could be called Generic Soldier because he doesn't really stand out.

TWISTOID. Supplied in a two pack with Rotar, Twistoid is the evil spinny one. I say 'evil', but he just doesn't look the slightest bit malevolent. I'd have liked the Four Horsemen to have moved away from the original colour palette with Classics Twistoid, but unfortunately they've stayed very accurate to the original. As a result he doesn't seem sinister at all - more of a joke robot character. As with Rotar the large weapon can be snapped into the torso mount so it can be used as a spinning platform. The inclusion of legs is a plus point.

BUZZ SAW HORDAK. There was concern in the fandom that Buzz Saw Hordak would be too similar to the Hordak figure, and, at first glance, he doesn't appear much different. But the colour scheme does actually have some differences, and the trunks are the smaller size. The vintage Buzz Saw Hordak actually had a diamond pattern on his belt but that hasn't been replicated here. For a variant that was never going to be wildly different from Hordak, I have to say I really like this figure. The opening chest has been done very well, which begs the question why couldn't they have done a similar job on the awful Rio Blast?