BLAST ATTAK. He's a fairly basic figure, but Classics Blast Attak has a certain style that I can't quite put my finger on. I wasn't expecting to like him as much as I do. In the original toy line he came towards the end and, despite having a novel action feature (he blew apart), he didn't seem to contribute much. While a few of the last vintage figures bucked the downwards trend, Blast Attak wasn't one of them. But, in Classics form, this character works well, with good part use and a good colour palette. I'm pleasantly surprised.

SSSQUEEZE. I've always said that Sssqueeze is a ridiculous character, and I won't be swayed from that standpoint. I will, however, concede that Classics Sssqueeze manages to bring something entertaining to the line. He can't be taken seriously but he has been styled rather well for what he is. Mattel seems to have found a material that works okay for the silly arms, which recovers some ground for the problems that some customers encountered with Snout Spout's trunk. I still wouldn't recommend posing the arms frequently though, because I anticipate the material weakening over time. It is great to complete the Snake Men faction at last.

MULTI-BOT. This is one of those characters whose concept will always be far more interesting than the execution. As a figure, Multi-Bot is pretty basic and somewhat awkward. He's never going to compare favourably with Modulok. I don't dislike him though, and I think the best display option is to keep him in his original form, as shown in the left hand picture, or as two bipedal characters. Although conceptually he can be rearranged in numerous ways, in practice the blocky parts aren't really suited to good alternatives, as you can see in the right hand picture.