RIO BLAST. Oh dear. Mattel really messed up this one. The design is incredibly lazy. Parts don't line up. The red things that are supposed to be guns fall off easily. The grey plastic thing on Rio Blast's back is boring and its visor isn't level with his eye line. The stupid flap on the front of his armour doesn't slot in where it should. Thankfully I never had much attachment to this character because he was an end-of-line figure in the original MOTU line-up, but I'd be even more disappointed in the Classics version if I had. This is one of the worst figures in MOTUC.

TUNG LASHOR. One of the Snake Men from the original line, Tung Lashor finally makes it to MOTUC and I like him a lot. He comes with two heads (extended tongue and closed mouth versions) which have both been styled nicely. I particularly like the fact that his eyes are slightly closed on the former, as if he's squinting a little to protect his eyes as he strikes out with his forked tongue. The traditional Snake Man staff is featured, as is a well-designed crossbow. Somehow the Four Horsemen have managed to include aspects of both the original and their large NECA statue, which is really impressive considering the differences between those versions.

GWILDOR. Arguably the biggest misfit in the MOTU, Gwildor is a dreadful character that was inflicted on Masters fans by the awful movie and we haven't yet been able to get rid of him. The Four Horsemen put a lot of detail into his Classics version, but he still doesn't belong in this universe. Not featured in these photos is his extra accessory: a free-standing version of the Cosmic Key. Let's move on and try to forget about this horrible little troll.