MODULOK. I am impressed with the Classics Modulok. Considerable attention to detail has gone into his sculpting. It is easy to take him to bits and then reconnect his parts to create alternative body shapes. In the MOTU story Modulok is the 'beast of a thousand bodies', but of course in reality the practical number of viable arrangements (where you still have heads and limbs in more or less the right places) is very small. He is a great addition to the Evil Horde and a faithful tribute to the original version.

BLADE. I find it hard to get enthusiastic about Blade, mostly because he was one of the characters created for the dreadful MOTU movie in the 80s. He didn't offer anything new - we already had swordsmen in the line with more interesting action features. He was just a humanoid with some odd armour. I can't criticize the Four Horsemen's efforts in designing Classics Blade - you can see from the pictures that plenty of attention to detail has been given (apart from the very plain swords) - but it's actually that level of design that makes me continue to feel that Blade doesn't really fit into the MOTU world. To me, it's over-compensating for his uninterestingness.

EXTENDAR. MOTUC Extendar has been done fairly well and I quite like the figure, but he's never going to be a favourite. In the original line, the extending thing had already been done with the brilliant Mekaneck, so Extendar just repeated the gimmick. The 2014 version is a good attempt to liven up a mediocre character, but there is only so much you can do with a plain-looking figure. The lance and unfolding shield are nicely done. The extended Extendar is also stable enough to be able to stand without falling over, but careful posing is needed.