MANTENNA. Remember the original Mantenna with his rather flat body and fused pairs of legs? He was a very basic figure, but enough of an oddity to become popular. The Four Horsemen did a great job on the NECA staction of the 2002 era; showing us that Mantenna could be done well. They had a lot to live up to with that one, but what a good version they have given us with Classics Mantenna. There are a couple of assembly flaws - look at the right knee guard on the left-hand figure - but the design is excellent. The stalk eyes need a dab of superglue to stay in place properly, but this is overall a really good figure. It retains the brighter colours of the original but adds the finer design of the staction. His arrival means all the original line's first wave of Horde characters now have Classics versions.

HORDE TROOPER. Issued in a two-pack with a battle damaged version and an intact version, the Horde Trooper has been designed really well and makes a great, albeit obvious, army builder. Mattel disappointed a lot of fans by not making enough of this one. It really was a given that this one would be highly demanded. A variety of accessories complement the figure. It is possible to replace the robot helmet with a regular figure's head, which gives some display and story options. This is one of the best figures in the line.

TWO BAD. We've had a long wait for a Classics version of the popular character Two Bad, and overall this interpretation is very good. There is plenty of styling which updates the original with touches from the 2002 era. But the figure isn't perfect. Some fans are disappointed with the lack of paint decoration on the shield, although this version is true to the original. For me a more significant niggle is the design of the left leg. It isn't possible to close the leg enough, which means Two Bad always stands noticeably wonky. Check out the boots in the photos, and you'll figure out how much I've had to rotate the camera to make Two Bad look reasonably upright. Despite this flaw, I really like Two Bad.