CLAMP CHAMP. This character is popular among Vintage fans, and many people have been awaiting him eagerly for a long time. I must admit that I don't find the character particularly interesting (in fact I'd go as far as saying I think he's rather boring). But the Classics figure has been done fairly well. The face sculpting is detailed. I'm sure many fans will really like this figure, but I'm not keen on the over-sized 'techno-clamp', which seems like a particularly impractical weapon. It's good to have another Vintage character in the line-up though.

ROKKON. Issued in a two-pack with Stonedar, Rokkon is one of the Comet Warriors. I rather like the Classics version. The design is quite clever if (inevitably) a little clumsy. We don't get much articulation with Rokkon, but we shouldn't expect it. An additional shell piece can be clipped to the leg pieces, and this allows Rokkon to fold down into a large boulder. He can hold his laser blaster in either hand but it can also be attached to his chest. The paintwork is rather disappointing, but overall Rokkon is pretty good.

STONEDAR. The leader of the Comet Warriors, Stonedar is the better of the two because his rock pieces are much more detailed and he is better painted. As with Rokkon, his shell sections clip onto his arms and legs. These can be removed, but the head and back sections are permanently attached to the figure. Stonedar is a good figure and a welcome addition to the line.