RAM MAN. Eagerly anticipated since the start of the Classics line, Ram Man has finally been made, and he's destined to be a fan favourite. Of course he has always been popular, even though the original figure was pretty basic. The Classics version looks great despite the obviously uneven sculpting. He has an alternate head which is rather disappointing because it's basically the same angry visage as the primary head with a silly tin hat. I had hoped that we'd get a jovial helmeted face, because, as Vintage minicomic fans know, Ram Man can be both fierce and friendly; the latter being a very important part of his character. Overall, though, Ram Man is most definitely a welcome addition to the line.

JITSU. Another important Vintage character, Jitsu marks an important Classics milestone. We now have Classics versions of all of the characters from the first three Vintage waves. This figure takes elements from both the original and 2002 figures. Jitsu's head looks too small and narrow for his body, and I can't decide whether he looks fierce or alarmed. There is also a fault on the front of his armour above one of the arrowhead shapes. If you look closely at the photographs, you can see what looks like the outline of an unused punch hole: that's the weak point. The plastic is too thin here and has actually split on some figures. Otherwise Jitsu is a pretty good model.

SNAKE FACE. This figure is a great addition to the Snake Men line-up. Snake Face comes with two heads so that both his Vintage looks can be recreated. The Four Horsemen have indulged in some imaginative sculpting with this one. Two panels on the armour can be removed so that two little red snakes can be added to match those protruding from Snake Face's head. The shield will inevitably draw comparisons with the staction version, but I think it's unfair to do that. The staction was particularly creative and was largely a reinterpretation of the character (ultimately looking substantially different from the original). The shield with the Classics version is truer to the original and still rather good. The snake staff completes the figure.