RATTLOR. A key Snake Men figure finally makes it into the Classics line, and it has been worth the wait. Rattlor is one of the most intricately painted figures, and he is suitably similar to the original version to please Vintage fans. 2002 fans have been disappointed by the exclusion of armour from that era, particularly as we know it was designed; it even appeared in an early promotional photo on the Matty Collector site. The photo was removed as quickly as it appeared. The neck extension piece replicates the 'quick strike' feature of the original. A Horde armband was included (not shown here) for no good reason.

MOSQUITOR. One of the later Horde characters from the early days, Mosquitor has been eagerly anticipated by many fans. I had never seen an original Mosquitor (apart from in photos), so I was rather intrigued by this one. I've always thought the character's head is an odd, semi-mechanical curiosity, but I rather like how the Horsemen have designed the Classics version. This is a good figure to have as part of the collection, and hopefully a few more Horde figures will show up before long.

PROCRUSTUS. A figure I have been hoping for since the dawn of the Classics! After the poor Tytus and average Megator, Procrustus is something special. He's the first of the giants to have properly articulated arms, and that feature makes such a difference. His legs are the same as Megator's, which is slightly disappointing considering the excellence of his top-half sculpting, but overall he is very good indeed. His arm position has always been the subject of debate. In his minicomic, The Magic Stealer!, it wasn't clear whether he had one pair of arms above or behind the other. I always assumed the former, but the Horsemen have gone for the latter, and looking again at the original illustrations, I think they may have got it right. The earthy colouring, which is different from his minicomic green, is another choice that works. The yellow orb is new and relates to his Classics biography.