SPIKOR. This figure is a great version of the prickly character. The original was rather comical, but the Classics interpretation is more sinister, which is welcome. The figure has two trident accessories, as well as a standard left hand (not shown here). A good addition to the line.

MEKANECK. The original figure had one of the most distinctive action features. If his torso was twisted, Mekaneck's head would extend. Now that feature hasn't been replicated with the Classics version, but the neck extension piece included with the figure successfully achieves the iconic look. There is a second, much longer, neck extension as well, but it does not look as good. This is a really good version of a favourite character.

DRAGON BLASTER SKELETOR. The next Skeletor version to appear in the Classics line, Dragon Blaster Skeletor is a popular variant with a lot of character. There have been some negative comments about the design of the dragon's mouth, and it does look rather odd. Overall, though, this is a good figure and likely to remain one of the better variants.