KOBRA KHAN. This figure is a very good update to the original and also acknowledges the 2002 design by including a second head (shown on the right). Action features are not included with the Classics figures, so the original water spraying function is not present. However there is a nice little addition in the form of a lizard which perches on Kobra Khan's shoulder. This lizard is formally called Fang and informally called Pixel after action figure reviewer Pixel Dan.

THUNDER PUNCH HE-MAN. One of the He-Man variants from the Vintage line, Thunder Punch He-Man is one of those rather boring fillers that has been part of the Masters for a long while. The Classics version includes an energy blast accessory (shown on the right). Not an exciting figure, but one of those which should be included as he was an original figure.

STINKOR. I am surprised at how much I like Stinkor, bearing in mind he was originally little more than a Mer-Man repaint in the Vintage line. His large armour emphasises the lack of symmetry which plagues these figures and is very mis-shapen as a result. It is particularly noticeable when looking at his back. The inclusion of an extra head and some additional pieces mean fans can have a 2002-styled version of Classics Stinkor.