SNOUT SPOUT. One of the more bizarre MOTU characters, Snout Spout has always been a fan favourite despite, or perhaps because of, his peculiar appearance. Classics Snout Spout looks good and is a welcome addition to the line. There have, however, been problems with the trunk cracking because of the material used, and it should not be posed bent in any way.

SORCERESS. At first glance Classics Sorceress looks like a good update to one of the last figures to be released in the Vintage line, but actually she is a design disaster. Her wing parts have been attached to the back of her shoulders. This means there is hardly any room to move her arms backwards or forwards. The fixings are unsightly and impractical.

FISTO. A great favourite from the original MOTU line, Fisto now gets the Classics treatment, and the result is very good indeed. Fans of the 2002 line are also treated to their version of Fisto (who was renamed as Battle Fist at the time) thanks to the inclusion of a second head and additional accessories. The scale of the buster sword is much too big, but I'll let that go because this figure is one of the best Classics models so far.