MEGATOR. It is good to see Tytus's adversary join the Classics. Once again we are presented with a very basic giant figure with limited articulation, but Megator looks pretty good overall. The Four Horsemen did a better job of Megator's shins than they managed with Tytus, meaning the ridiculous curves are straightened out and the figure stands better with straight legs. The zombie head is new and is relevant to Classics Megator's biography.

LEECH. This was always going to be a Classics curiosity! The Four Horsemen have done rather well in finding a balance between the vintage and minicomic styles of this character - two versions which were substantially different. Classics Leech was supplied with a Horde net (not shown here) for trapping enemies. Unfortunately the paint work is very plain on this figure.

HURRICANE HORDAK. The first Classics Hordak variant has arrived in the shape of Hurricane Hordak. He has three removable arm attachments: the fork pincher (left), the bat blades (right) and the thunderball mace (not shown). The gold armour and torso is the obvious difference from the original Hordak's black outfit. This figure has fairly loose ankle joints.