PANTHOR. The decision to released Panthor unflocked caused some controversy among MOTU fans. The original figure was flocked, but owners of that toy from the 1980s will remember how quickly the fur rubbed off. I am pleased Classics Panthor is unflocked, and I like how the Four Horsemen have designed him. The helmet, styled after the Havoc Staff, is a nice touch. The figure suffers from loose joints.

CLAWFUL. A superb figure! Classics Clawful is a great modern interpretation of one of the best MOTU characters. Perhaps he should have been supplied with another head (2002 era style) - the missed opportunity for army building crustacean warriors is unfortunate - but the lack of a second head does not detract from the design of this figure. The crustacean carapace shield is a new feature and works well.

MAN-E-FACES. One of the great vintage characters, Man-E-Faces, has now been added to the Classics line. The original toy was never as good as the minicomic art, but Classics Man-E-Faces is a faithful reproduction of the minicomic design. As well as the original human / robot / monster head, there is a He-Man / Skeletor / Orko head included with the figure. This figure has been designed very well and is a good addition to the line.