KING HISS. I have retained the original spelling of this character's name here. The spelling adopted for the Classics line is HSSSS. This figure was released with reversed shoulders. Arm movement is limited as a result. The snake body is a separate piece that replaces the humanoid torso. The snakes can be twisted and repositioned, and the main snake head has a hinged jaw.

BATTLE ARMOR SKELETOR. The first Skeletor variant from the original line now makes an appearance in the Classics. The armour has been styled very nicely by the Four Horsemen. This figure has been given a new weapon (a He-Man style axe). This was requested by fans and it is good that the request was acknowledged. The paint on the face is surprisingly plain. I do not know why Mattel has not used the style used on the original Skeletor figure: it is the same character after all.

SY-KLONE. I have always thought Sy-Klone is a rather peculiar member of the Masters line up, but he has a lot of fans, and they will undoubtedly like this figure. The circular red thing is not from the vintage line. Unsurprisingly, this one was bent out of shape by the figure's packaging.