ROBOTO. This figure seems to have been plagued with problems from cracked torsos to reversed shoulders. The figure shown here has been painted poorly (see the left hand) which is another widespread problem reported by fans. My personal bugbear about the damage caused by excessive 'clam shell' packaging has surfaced once again. Roboto's right hand attachments are bent out of shape. I don't dislike the figure, but the quality is disappointing. At least the cogs rotate as they are supposed to.

GRIZZLOR. It is good to have a second member of the Evil Horde join the Classics, and this is a fairly good figure, but there are a couple of issues. The fur around the head has been glued rather clumsily, making it clump in places. Grizzlor's face looks more like a mask than part of his head. The hand design cannot hold the crossbow for posing. Fortunately the other weapons do not have the same problem. The bladed weapons and the loincloth are welcome accessories which vintage Grizzlor did not have. He's not the best, but I still like Grizzlor.

BUZZ-OFF. Buzz-Off was one of my favourite vintage figures, and I think the Classics version is a great interpretation of the character. There are some defects with this figure such as some stray paint spots. One of the memorable characteristics of the original was that his helmet did not fit properly. This has been corrected for Classics Buzz-Off. This is one of the best figures in the line so far.