I thought I'd start 2014 with a campaign to get two monsters from the pre-Filmation minicomics added to the Classics line. This era - arguably the most important of all MOTU eras - has been badly under-represented so far. As of January 2014, only the Goddess and Procrustus have been made into Classics figures, which is a really bad show. Even the dreadful New Adventures faction has been better developed. Everyone has his favourite MOTU monster, but I have always thought that the greatest and scariest is the glorm from the He-Man Meets Ram-Man! minicomic, and I haven't changed my mind on this for thirty years!

The following minicomic - The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces! - also featured a good monster, and I think this one is also worthy of inclusion in the Classics line. This was the creature who was willing to tell Skeletor how to enter Castle Grayskull for a blood sacrifice; the unwilling victim being Teela. The cool thing about this demon - in terms of Classics styling - is that his wings have already been designed!

It's high time the pre-Filmation era got some favourable treatment. Let's see if these important over-sized figures make it into the line.