Some of the characters who appear in the minicomics were never produced as toys, yet they play important roles in the MOTU mythology. This page is not intended to be a complete list of non-toy characters, rather it introduces a few of my favourites, and gives the reasons why I consider them to be interesting and important characters.

My first choice is Procrustus, the god of the inner world. His appearance in The Magic Stealer! gave a clear indication of how the world of Eternia should be interpreted - a wild landscape with elemental gods. He is a powerful and memorable character, and the tale in which he appears is reminiscent of Norse mythology.


Delora appears in Siege Of Avion. She is a strong female character because she is a human woman who has learned to live in the mountains with her husband Stratos, leader of the birdmen. I wanted to highlight Delora's role in Grayskull. She is a loving wife and it is clear that Stratos draws great strength from her support and guidance.


The idea of having settlements within the Evergreen Forest played an important part in my Grayskull story, and some of the inspiration came from the minicomic Slave City! Princess Rana is the leader of Targa, and having a woman as the tribal leader was something I adopted in my story. It is good to have strong female characters in a world dominated by male warriors. And I confess, I do like Rana's costume.