On this page you will find a list of all the Masters Of The Universe warriors from the original series. While the toys are usually listed by year on other websites, I have decided to use a slightly different format, as the toys were not released globally at the same time. I have also divided the list into the categories of Heroic Warriors, Evil Warriors, Evil Horde and Snake Men.

I have updated this page to include the titles associated with the figures. The titles were printed on the packaging and, in some cases, on the minicomics. Beast Man's title varied depending on where it was printed. Zodac's title was altered as his role was changed. The same happened to Kobra Khan. Some other variations are noted here too.

The information is drawn from several sources so there may be some inaccuracies. The lists below are now complete. If you know other variations on the titles, please e-mail me.

The last two entries on this page are Tytus and Megator. These characters were released only in Italy. They were originally intended to be part of the never produced Powers Of Grayskull line. However, for their Italian release, they were presented under the original MOTU logo. For that reason, they are included here.

First series - Heroic Warriors

He-Man (The Most Powerful Man in the Universe)
Man-At-Arms (Heroic Master of Weapons)
Teela (Heroic Warrior Goddess)
Stratos (Heroic Winged Warrior)

First series - Evil Warriors

Beast Man (Savage Henchman or Skeletor's Brutal Henchman or Evil Henchman)
Faker (Evil Robot of Skeletor)
Mer-Man (Evil Ocean Warlord)
Skeletor (Evil Lord of Destruction)
Zodac (Evil Cosmic Enforcer but later Cosmic Enforcer)

Second series - Heroic Warriors

Man-E-Faces (Heroic Human... Robot... Monster)
Mekaneck (Heroic Human Periscope)
Ram-Man (Heroic Human Battering Ram)

Second series - Evil Warriors

Evil-Lyn (Evil Warrior Goddess)
Trap Jaw (Evil and Armed for Combat)
Tri-Klops (Evil and Sees Everything)

Third series - Heroic Warriors

Battle Armor He-Man (The Most Powerful Man in the Universe)
Buzz-Off (Heroic Spy in the Sky)
Fisto (Heroic Hand-to-Hand Fighter)
Orko (Heroic Court Magician)
Prince Adam (Heroic Secret Identity of He-Man)

Third series - Evil Warriors

Battle Armor Skeletor (Evil Lord of Destruction)
Clawful (Warrior with the Grip of Evil)
Jitsu (Evil Master of Martial Arts)
Kobra Khan (Evil Master of Snakes but later Evil Henchman of the Snake Men)
Webstor (Evil Master of Escape)
Whiplash (Evil Tail-Thrashing Warrior)

Fourth series - Heroic Warriors

Thunder Punch He-Man (Leader of the Heroic Warriors now packs a loud Power Punch or Heroic Leader with Loud Power Punch)
Moss Man (Heroic Master of Camouflage)
Roboto (Heroic Mechanical Warrior)
Rokkon (Young Heroic Comet Warrior or Young Heroic Battling Boulder)
Stonedar (Heroic Rock People Leader)
Sy-Klone (Heroic Fist-Flinging Tornado)

Fourth series - Evil Warriors

Dragon Blaster Skeletor (Evil Leader & Dreadful Dragon)
Spikor (Untouchable Master of Evil Combat)
Stinkor (Evil Master of Odors)
Two Bad (Double-Headed Evil Strategist)

Fourth series - Evil Horde

Grizzlor (Hairy Henchman of the Evil Horde)
Hordak (Ruthless Leader of the Evil Horde)
Leech (Evil Suction Master or Evil Master of Power Suction)
Mantenna (Evil Spy with the Pop-Out Eyes)
Modulok (Evil Beast of a Thousand Bodies)

Fifth series - Heroic Warriors

Extendar (Heroic Master of Extension)
Flying Fists He-Man (Heroic Leader with the Arm-Swinging Action or Heroic Leader with Arm-Swing Action)
Gwildor (Heroic Creator of the Cosmic Key)
Rio Blast (Heroic Transforming Gun-Slinger)
Snout Spout (Heroic Water-Blasting Firefighter)

Fifth series - Evil Warriors

Blade (Evil Master of Swords)
Saurod (Evil Spark-Shooting Reptile)
Terror Claws Skeletor (Evil Leader with the Claw-Swinging Action or Evil Leader with Claw-Swinging Action)

Fifth series - Evil Horde

Dragstor (Transforming Evil Warrior Vehicle)
Horde Trooper (Evil Collapsing Robot)
Hurricane Hordak (Ruthless Leader with the Wicked Whirling Weapons)
Multi-Bot (Evil Robot of a Thousand Bodies)

Fifth series - Snake Men

King Hiss (Dreadful Disguised Leader of the Snake Men)
Rattlor (Evil Snake Men Creature with the Quick-Strike Head)
Tung Lashor (Evil Tongue-Shooting Snake Men Creature or Evil Tongue-Shooting Creature)

Sixth series - Heroic Warriors

Clamp Champ (Heroic Master of Capture)
King Randor (Heroic Ruler of Eternia)
Rotar (Heroic Master of Hyper-Spin)
Sorceress (Heroic Guardian of Castle Grayskull)

Sixth series - Evil Warriors

Blast Attak (Evil Blast-Apart Robotic Warrior) (included here but has been represented as a creation of King Hiss)
Faker (Evil Robotic He-Man Imposter) (reissue)
Ninjor (Evil Ninja Warrior)
Scare Glow (Evil Ghost of Skeletor)
Twistoid (Evil Speed-Twisting Robot)

Sixth series - Evil Horde

Buzz-Saw Hordak (Ruthless Leader with Mow-Down Chest Weapon)
Mosquitor (Evil Energy-Draining Insectoid)

Sixth series - Snake Men

Snake Face (Most Gruesome of the Snake Men)
Sssqueeze (Evil Long-Armed Viper)

Seventh series - Heroic Warriors

Laser Power He-Man (Heroic Master of Light Energy)

Seventh series - Evil Warriors

Laser-Light Skeletor (Evil Master of Light Energy)

Powers of Grayskull series - Heroic Warriors

Tytus (Heroic Giant Warlord)

Powers of Grayskull series - Evil Warriors

Megator (Evil Giant Destroyer)