There are several MOTU websites on the Internet. The list below shows a fairly broad range of sites. Not all these sites are updated frequently; in fact most never get updated. However those I have selected are all worth a visit, even if their content is minimal.

A brief guide to the content may be found alongside the link. You should be able to find out pretty much everything there is to know about the MOTU from these sites. They represent a timeline of MOTU on the Internet. Some of the sites which were online when VOG began are still available, but the majority haven't been tended to in a long time. More recently the trend for blog-style writing added several MOTU sites to cyberspace, but often these fall by the wayside fairly quickly when the webmasters lose interest or realise how much time is needed to keep their online presence up to date.

Even though there are very few sites being maintained and kept current, a lot of the old stuff is useful. It's a shame that more people aren't contributing to the overall effort, but those who are are doing a good job. This page signposts a mix of old and new. Hopefully these sites will stick around - even as archives - and keep the MOTU alive on the Internet for a good while longer.

Action Figure Pictures

The Masters of the Universe Classics page of a popular toy collector fan website with lots of articles and pictures.

Battle Ram Blog

A superb collection of articles about the original Masters of the Universe. I highly recommend a visit.

Big Bad Toy Store

I have nothing but good things to say about this excellent online action figure shop. Track down MOTU-related items and other goodies here.

Busta Toon's Blogspot

The blog of He-Man and She-Ra fan James Eatock. It hasn't been updated in a while but has interesting content about the Filmation cartoon.

Castle Grayskull Man

Daniel Benedict's website dedicated to his Create A Character Contest winning entry. There are some great pictures and videos on the site.

A site with lots of information on the cartoon series.


The MOTU page of the largest fan fiction website. The stories here are predominantly cartoon-inspired MOTU stories rather than original canon. The quality of the works varies enormously, but you may find a handful of readable tales here.

Four Horsemen Studios

The website of the designers of the MOTUC. It has information about their self-produced lines.

Four Horsemen's Store

The place to go for Four Horsemen products and preorders.

Good Old Days

This site is no longer updated, although the content remains intact. This is the most complete and entertaining review of the minicomics which accompanied the original toys. All titles from all the series are here, with story summaries and observations.

Grayskull Museum

An important fan resource with lots of photographs of the original and subsequent MOTU toy lines in their original packaging. Written in French and translated into English.

Grayskull Quest

A MOTU fan fiction blog written in Portuguese with some creative artwork accompanying the text. Not updated for several years.

He-Man and She-Ra Shop

James Eatock's shop where you can buy his guide to the Masters of the Universe cartoon and other goodies.

A German language site with information about the various Masters lines, current news about the MOTUC and forums.

One of the early MOTU sites that is still going. The site's forum is the most popular MOTU forum on the Internet. News and reference sources can also be found here.


He-Bro's Masters of the Universe site. It has some information on customising figures.

He-Man Page

Behind the scenes information on how the Filmation cartoon series was put together. It doesn't get updated but is useful for background information.

He-Man Tales

Not only the best source of minicomic-inspired fan fiction on the web, but also home to an entire MOTU mythology created by Mirck Dyer. This is the site formerly known as Eternia Minor.

He-Man World

A fairly young site in terms of MOTU on the Internet, but one which has lots of information, a good forum and some knowledgeable contributors.

He-Man YouTube Channel

James Eatock's collection of videos about the Filmation cartoon series, including trivia and a selection of episodes.

It's All True

A really good toy review site. The collector guides section shows the MOTUC figures' release dates.

Kei Liger's MOTUC Checklist

A good checklist which displays images of the Classics with their release dates. It hasn't been updated for a while though.

L. Schmierbach's MOTU Art

A YouTube video featuring some of the best MOTU artwork I have ever seen. Absolutely spectacular painting that captures the pre-Filmation / barbarian feel of the MOTU origins. Make sure you visit this one.

Masters Cast

A podcast site with MOTU videos. To my knowledge this is the only MOTU podcast site.

Mis Masters Of The Universe

Fernando Seage's Spanish blog site. It has lots of information about the different Masters lines with plenty of photographs.

Moetook Musings

A blog from MOTU fan TheFallen. The writing is really entertaining and the photographs of the figures are excellent. No recent updates though.

MOTU Unbound

Formerly linked to, this Italian website has some parts written in English, and is worth a visit as there is lots of interest, but sadly it hasn't been updated in years.

MOTU Universe

A blog site with figure reviews and information about characters and custom designs.


Pixel Dan's website of online video reviews of toys, including the MOTUC. His videos are very popular with fans, and he usually posts reviews of figures before they are released.

Planet Eternia

A well-presented German language site with lots of images and information about the MOTU figures.

Poe Ghostal's Points of Articulation

Figure reviews and forums about numerous toy lines including the Masters. Although the website has been put on indefinite hiatus and won't be updated, the old content is still accessible.


The 'He-Man and She-Ra Toy & Comic Book Experience' website. A famous convention run by dedicated MOTU fans for the fans.


An interesting article about the original MOTU toys and lines which came before and after. Lots of photographs too.

Scrolls of Eternia

This site has been compiled by Masters fan Jukka Issakainen. He has produced some great videos about MOTU characters, and the site is definitely worth a look.


An online action figure store based in Germany. A good alternative to BBTS for customers in Europe. The prices are higher but import fees don't apply within the European Union.

Stratos' MOTU Page

Lots of information about the cartoons can be found here, but the site hasn't been updated in over a decade. One of the early MOTU websites.

Super7 Store

The company which produces licensed MOTU toys and took over the MOTUC line in 2017.

Super7 Pre-orders

Super7's pre-order store where limited-time orders can be placed. It's only functional when pre-orders are live.

Super Toy Archive

A good place to look if you want information on prototypes, special offer packages and limited edition toys.

The Fwoosh

An action figure website with some articles, forums and images dedicated to the Masters.

Vintage Visual's MOTU Checklist

A good checklist which displays images of the original, or vintage, MOTU toys in their release order.

Vintage Visual's MOTUC Checklist

A good checklist which displays images of the Classics in the order in which the original toys were released.

Wiki Grayskull

A good wiki with information about most aspects of the Masters Of The Universe.

Wikipedia MOTU

The Masters of the Universe page of the world's free on-line encyclopaedia.