Icon Heroes produced a lovely interpretation of Castle Grayskull, so it was always going to be interesting to see how they would tackle Skeletor's lair. On this page there are a few photos sourced from the manufacturer's website. This Snake Mountain is a licensed product, released during the time of the Masters Of The Universe Classics but not as part of Mattel's line. Having not seen an actual model, I offer this very brief summary based purely on the images.

The attention to detail on Snake Mountain is obvious. There are elements from both the original toy and the Filmation cartoon. I can't fault the effort but I don't think this model has the same impact as Castle Grayskull. The extra detail on the fortress (the dragon spine curling over the back and top) was exciting and innovative; I don't see anything here with the same wow factor, just lots and lots of talon-like spines and a bright orange plastic waterfall. It ain't bad, it's just not spectacular.